GIS & GPS Capabilities

GIS & GPS Capabilities

Evans & De Shazo has significant experience applying Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to cultural resource management. It is applied as a tool used to identify and evaluate archaeological and historical resources and evaluate potential adverse effects to significant cultural resources.

Using GIS to manage cultural resources projects allows our firm to seamlessly integrate archaeological and historical information with modern data and reconcile archaeological and historic resource data with project engineering plans and other digital data. This results in a greater understanding of the historic significance of resources and impacts related to proposed projects that are subject to compliance with state and/or federal regulations, and allows us to identify when modifications to a project are needed, such as alternative routes or shifts in a project footprint, to avoid impacts and associated costs. It also is used as a tool to convey important aspects of history and prehistory to interested stakeholders.

Evans & De Shazo, LLC offers the following GIS services:

  • Cultural Resource site boundary mapping
  • Artifact location and density mapping
  • Viewshed analysis
  • Archaeological sensitivity (predictive) modeling and mapping
  • Historic Resource (built environment) sensitivity modeling and mapping
  • Area of Potential Effect (APE) maps (direct and indirect APEs)
  • Project location maps Resource location maps
  • Survey coverage maps
  • Emergency Response
  • Predictive modeling is a useful tool for land managers and agency planners. Predictive models consider environmental variables, such as proximity to water, aspect, slope, and elevation, and other factors, which are evaluated to develop models of prehistoric and historic land use and settlement patterning. Predictive models are then used to create sensitivity maps that indicate an area’s potential for containing cultural resources, typically using low, medium and high sensitivity levels. These maps and associated databases are useful in making planning and land management decisions and in projects that need to consider multiple project alternatives, such as Environmental Impact Statement/Reports

Map of Belvedere Buildings by age

GPS Field Data Collection

Evans & De Shazo, Inc. also utilizes Global Positioning System (GPS) hand-held units for field data collection, including Trimble GeoExplorer, GeoXH 2008, and Garmin 64.